Ganimete Pashoja MyftiuI was born in Manastir, a city in southern Macedonia. Today, the city is positioned very close to the Greek border and not too far away from the Albanian border. One of the earliest memories imprinted in human mind is the native language. Albanian language is my first ‘operational software’. The fastest way to learn, understand and contemplate the world around me. It is that unique code of communication of an almost lost nation of the twentieth century. Another significant element of my development was  the turmoil  and social ferment in Balkans. Despite the well-know tragic circumstances, I consider myself extremely fortunate survivor. My admission as a refugee in the United States and historical opportunity of becoming an American citizen represent the peak of my exposure  to different perspectives.

To sum up, my childhood, living through the social turmoil in Balkans, the naturalization and

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my gender are key moments that define my path. This is the background of the perpetual quest for meanings behind the

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concept of neutrality.

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  1. Ganimete, who I consider a passionate, enlightened, polished person; someone who will make you see through her own eyes with her writings, or even with a small conversation. Gifted in many ways. I really consider her special. Even after seeing with my own eyes her professional nature and candid approach, but over everything else I consider her a close friend, the type that you come up once in a decade or even once in a lifetime. I will never stop thanking God for the opportunity to meet not only you, your husband, your family and your beautiful Kosova. May all your dreams continue to blossom and I hope one day we cross roads again.

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